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Welcome to Care for China

Care for China is established to link people together in Australia, or elsewhere, who are interested in relating to an exciting ministry reaching into China with a particular emphasis on changing the lives of less advantaged children and adults.

China today is a country of great extremes. On the one hand it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and on the other hand still has some of the world’s greatest needs. Our connections in China work with local authorities to help address some of the major inequities of this vast land.

We hope you will take a look and consider some involvement in this work.

Care for China News April 2014...

CfC News April 2014 “The girl told me her favourite thing is going out (from the homeless shelter) with her brother. She also said she can’t sleep as she worried about her brother is missing. Read more about the work being undertaken in China.  

The Story of Albert...

Albert finds answers to his questions.  We certainly have a BIG God! The Story of Albert 164 KB
A pearl from ashes

“A pearl from ashes”...

A Pearl from Ashes is the story of the ‘great and awesome wonders’ that were witnessed by many as the fatherless and the alien were united as family, and the first HIV positive Chinese child was adopted into Australia. A pearl from Ashes For your own copy please contact Julie: All profits will support the work in China of Elim Kids. ,